Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

~ ♥ ! ~♫(◕‿-)♫~ ~(✿ ◕‿◕✿) !!!

don't know if i could ever be
w/out u cause boy u complete me
and in time i know that we'll both see
that we're all we need

cause you're the apple to my pie
you're the straw to my berry
you're the smoke to my high
and you're the one i wanna marry

cause you're the one for me (for me )
and i'm the one for you (for u)

u take th both of (of us)
and we're the perfect two
we're the perfect two
we're the perfect two

baby me and you
we're the perfect two..~!

pEneMan di kaLa kEbOsanAn..

Damya Hanna~!
pnulis fav ak..huhu..
antra novel2 bliau yg da d bce..
sume bez2..huhu..
kalo x slp,sume nvel krya bliau da bce da.. :)